Kirk is a pseudonym

My foreign friends call me Kirk. I insist that they do, rather than have them butcher my real name though I allow those who are capable to use the latter.

I am a nobody and this blog is a silent scream in an otherwise tumultuous and rather horrifying maelstrom of noise that we call the internet. If you happen to find this remote corner please take a seat, light a cigarette and take a gander. It’s all rather monochrome. Sure our world has different tones but what are colours if not merely noise distilled in neatly organised packages.

I will not be your guide, you have stumbled haphazardly onto this page and I hope that should you choose to explore it you will not be too distraught at the mess that is my mind.

I am not a writer, nor a poet, I am myself and while at times I say things that some would say are wise I find I’m rather boring and somewhat less than articulate.

So why should you read this mediocre set of ramblings? You shouldn’t. It’s a waste of your precious time. It’s ticking, move along… You don’t want the mold from the walls getting in your lungs – that would be unfortunate.


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